All You Need to Know About PG and VG Content in E-Juices

While researching about how to choose the right ejuice flavor, you must have come across the terms propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerin or VG. If you are wondering about their role in an e-juice, here is a choosing best eliquid guide to explain the meaning of PG and VG and how the content of these substances affects an e-juice.

Vegetable Glycerin or VG

This is a thick and natural substance which has a naturally sweet flavor. VG is preferred by vapers who want a slight throat hit but big vapor clouds with each vape. E-juices with this base are smoother and the huge clouds are loved by vapers who like doing tricks with the smoke or cloud chasing. One drawback of this base is that it has a shorter shelf life in lieu of being organic.

Propylene Glycol or PG

PG has no natural flavor and is comparatively thinner. As it has no flavor of its own it is generally considered to be a better carrier of e-juice flavors. Because of its synthetic ingredients, it has a longer shelf life as well. However, this carries a much stronger throat hit and might cause slight throat irritation. PG based e-juices have thinner clouds and has less vapor on inhale.

The Difference between PG and VG

There are some basic differences between these that determine how to choose best e liquid. Between these two bases PG e-juices are clearer, without a taste of their own and hence the taste of the flavoring is not distorted. On the other hand, VG has a slightly sweeter taste and this might seep into the flavor as well. In addition to this, unlike PG e-liquids, the VG ones can clog up the coil on the clearomizer at times on account of being thicker and more viscous.